Sarah came to Whitson Engineers for a summer internship after completing her junior year at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana. This was her first engineering internship and she was uncertain what to expect.  She was immediately immersed in AutoCAD.  Sarah comments early on how great it was to learn by doing and to work on projects with a purpose other than being a class assignment.

During her internship she was exposed to many different facets of civil engineering; not only the design and planning of projects but also the politics and legal issues that surround them.  She also was able to work on a variety of public and private projects.  Sarah was even able to gain experience by going into the field with our survey crew. 

"Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and made me feel that I belonged.  There is a great sense of teamwork and support.  I truly enjoyed my internship at Whitson Engineers and the many skills I gained will be very useful as I return to Valparaiso for my senior year."

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