Jack began his internship after his freshman year at Santa Clara University, as a Civil Engineering major. He met Rich Weber at the American Society of Civil Engineers Career Fair and was happily surprised to find an engineering firm so close to his home in Monterey. He contacted the firm to set up an interview and joined the firm for the summer of 2007.

As an intern after his freshman year, Jack learned the basics of the civil engineering world, receiving hands on experience with AutoCad, learning how to read plans, and seeing how a firm works efficiently and with diligence.

“When I first arrived at Whitson Engineers, I knew almost nothing about how a civil engineering firm works or even what they did. But every day, I learned something new, whether it was learning about a tool in AutoCad, performing a topographic survey, or just listening to people talk about projects on the phone.”

After Jack returned to Santa Clara, he was a step ahead of everyone else. “Receiving such hands on experience and guidance really accelerated my learning and motivated me to keep pushing the limits so I can excel in the future.”

“Everyone at Whitson Engineers was very supportive and enjoyable to work with. Whether it was in the office or at an activity outside of work, I felt very fortunate to be part of such a smart and fun team.”

Jack returned as an intern in 2008, following his sophomore year at Santa Clara University.

Jack graduated from Santa Clara University in 2010. In 2011, he returned to the firm as a full-time Assistant Engineer.

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