Dominic first joined Whitson Engineers during his junior year at Santa Clara University. He contacted Ken Whitson after seeing a company flyer posted on his advisor's bulletin board. He continued his employment part-time while completing his coursework and in May, 2001, he graduated with a BSCE degree.

During his internship, Dominic gained valuable hands-on experience by generating designs for the roads and curb drainages for the Encina Hills residential development project. He was then able to apply this work towards his Senior Design Project while at Santa Clara University.

"I feel I got a jump start compared to the other people I've studied with. My friends who had internships at other firms spent a lot of time filing and making copies."

He was also involved in several other projects, performing work involving surface modeling and utility studies.

Dominic joined the firm full time following graduation.  Dominic obtained his PE license in 2005. 
Dominic left the firm in 2006 to pursue an advanced degree and additional career opportunities.

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